Sunday, March 10, 2013

Suggestions on my civil war plaid dress would be appreciated!

I have wanted a plaid civil war dress for some time.
When I saw this fabric, I decided the time was then.
That was fall of 2011.  I made the bodice last winter.
I need to finish it!
We have a really fun reenacting season coming up soon - it is going to be a great spring and summer on the civil war homefront in Utah.
There is a matching skirt that goes with it of course.
I need to trim it.  Any ideas?  I would love some suggestions!
Here are a few period images of plaid day dresses that I am thinking about. 

I love whatever that crazy shoulder sleeve thing the first gal has going on.
Her sleeve cuffs are pretty wild as well. I think she is very pretty too.
The second dress is pretty plain, just a bit on the back of the sleeve and a contrasting belt.
The third one has some major sleeve gathering and maybe some ruching going on, and what looks like beautiful ruching on the front of the bodice. 
Did I mention that I already have about 10 yards of ruching made of the same plaid fabric?
It would sure be great to use it!


thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

Belt in middle then orange plaid with trim on bottom like second picture. Looking good already and you are so creative.

Rachel said...

I have to apologize for the bad fitting - I was too lazy to get my 1860s unders on for the photo. Thanks Vicky!

Mrs. G said...

I think it would even be pretty just as it is. :-)

Gail said...

I think fringe on the bodice and armscythes would be awesome. Black would be good with trim on the lower skirt.


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