Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Totally Pink All Girls Chess Day

I remember the first state elementary school chess tournament we went to.  I was so blown away and flabbergasted by all the little nerds walking around the U of U campus, headed the same direction we were headed.  Kelsey was in Kindergarten.  I couldn't stop giggling when we first arrived, then I realized how seriously some parents and kids were taking the tournament, and I tried to stop giggling.  I didn't know what 'ranking numbers' meant, what "pairings are up" meant, what the significance of being on a higher numbered chess board meant, and a whole host of other chess language terms.

Well, I get it now.  Most of it anyway.  I have had practice.  We went to the All Girls State Chess Tournament on Saturday.  There were about 90 girls there.  The chess board tables were decorated with pink balloons and the trophy table was a shimmer of pink and gold.  There was face painting and jewelry making for the girls in between matches.  It was fun.  It was a little more relaxed than the State Elementary Chess Tournament that occurs this coming Saturday.  There were still the intense players and parents who practiced and practiced game ending strategies between the 5 matches everyone got to play, but there were more kids playing TempleRun and Minesweeper on various devices and just playing like girls instead of die hard chess gurus. 

Kelsey landed 3rd place for the 5th grade division.  She won 4 matches and lost 1.  Kendal ended up with 8th place for the 1st grade division.  She won 2 matches and lost 3.  It was a big deal for her, because this is was the first time she has won any matches at a tournament.  She was so excited.  She was envious of Kelsey's trophy though and wished her medal with a pink ribbon would have been a shiny trophy.  I am proud of both of them for playing, playing well, and having an enjoyable time. Kendal made a few new little friends that she played with in between matches.  She needed that to make it a good day for her.  Yeah for chess and all that it teaches my girls.


Anonymous said...

I think its great. I know Kelsey loves it and does well. But I was so excited for Kendal. Was thinking about her all day. I so wish she got a trophy, but a medal is not too shabby. Congrats to both of them. Mom

Kay Ehrmantrout said...

What a wonderful "sport" to be involved in. I think its great for girls to compete in something smart.


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