Thursday, January 23, 2014

All you need is two wrenches

A few years after we first moved into our house back in 2002, my kitchen sink leaked. 
I called my dad.
And I went to Latimer's Hardware Store, I love that place.
My dad told me that all I needed to fix almost any plumbing problem was two adjustable wrenches, two different sizes.
He was right.
Since I bought those wrenches years ago, I have used them quite a few times and fixed quite a few plumbing problems, as well as used those wrenches for many other projects.

My bathroom sink has dripped for a few months.  It makes me crazy.
I was hoping Santa would fix it, but he didn't.
So, I decided since it leaked AND looked pretty grungy, I would just replace it.
I went to Latimer's.
And to my tool box, but I couldn't find my larger wrench.

 One thing I don't like about plumbing is my claustrophobia issue. 
That didn't really bother me this time, but my neck sure got very tired!
I workout with a guy who is a plumbing apprentice.
He has some broad shoulders, and they are getting broader.
I don't know how he is going to fit under a sink AND have the space to work those wrenches!

Here is my new faucet!
It looks so spiffy!  Works like a charm!
It even came with a new drain.  That was the trickiest part, the part that required the big wrench.
And for good measure, while I was down there with it all opened up, I cleaned out the pea trap.
My teeth are clenched, my jaw is tight, my nostrils are flaring, my eyes are squinting, and my shoulders are tensed up just thinking about it. 
Ewww.  That is all I can say.
 Kenna was super duper helpful during the whole process.
She tried each and every bottle of lotion, marked every new deodorant dispenser with her fingernails, and one with her teeth (she learned fast), and emptied the Q-tips multiple times.
She did run off with my Leatherman a few times as well.
 So, I think the new faucet was in the $50 range, which is so-so.
There was no plumber to pay, although the thought did cross my mind when I was gagging over the pea trap business.  I did however have to buy a new wrench.  I never did find my larger one.  The new 12 inch adjustable wrench was $33.  Ouch.  I wrote my name on this one!

Ouch is right,
Look at this monster!
I have big hands, so it doesn't look so huge, but if a cute little model were holding it, she would probably have to use BOTH hands!  I should put it on the scale, I bet this beast weighs at least 7 pounds!  So although I paid $33 for a wrench, I know I will get some use out of this thing.
I could use it as a weapon!
Truly, a whack on the noggin with this would do some damage to a poor burglar.

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Deonn @ Quiltscapes said...

Awesome, Rachel. Now I know who to call!


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