Thursday, January 16, 2014

ice ice baby

My sister only lives 45 minutes away, but for some reason we find it hard to get together very often.
So a few weekends ago when she called and asked if she could come visit and go see the ice castle being built in Midway, of course I said yes.
My sister has two little boys and one beautiful daughter and they all seem to be growing too fast.

Matt and our two middle children went south for the day to work on the farm, so just my oldest and my youngest were here to visit their cousins.

We had a good time, it was a pretty incredible ice castle and is supposedly only going to grow if it continues to stay cold.

I am glad my sister and her husband get me out of the house sometimes.  I hate to admit that I am quite the homebody.  I love being home, working on projects.

But then I miss memorable times like these.
Cold noses, cold toes, giggling boys, silly girls, spending time with my sister, and watching the cousins enjoy each other's company.

Thanks Tori and Jared.

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Kerin said...

I've heard about the ice castles up your way, but I've not seen them yet. Guess I'm a bit of a homebody too ** grin**.
Sweet family, and great kids there! Kids do grow up SO fast!!
Seems like our kids should still be that age, and they are in their 20!! Yikes!!

Have a great weekend!!


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