Monday, June 08, 2009

The best $1.44 I have ever spent

We went to Kings today specifically for watercolors. It was the best $1.44 I have yet spent. Actually is was really $2.88 plus tax. They painted for a good 2 hours without hardly a peep this afternoon. I loved it.


mom said...

Sounds like a good deal for a couple of hrs of peacefulness.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Kendals look and Kelsey's smile. Sometimes cheaper is better! I need to get so more paints for the kids. Thanks for the reminder.

Hey, you guys did a great job tonight at R.S. I came home with some great ideas. I already sent out that idea to all my siblings and parents for the memory exchange by e-amil. I cant wait to hear what they all think.

Call me tomorrow so we can find a time in the evening to finish what we started on Monday, lol.

Anonymous said...
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Epperson Family said...

I'm proud of you. All that mess! Maybe they can fingerpaint with choc. pudding next! It's even cheaper, and it tastes good too.

Sorry I missed R.S. Do you have a copy of all the great ideas? We had a softball game in the downpour. It was wet but fun!


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