Monday, June 01, 2009


After church yesterday we headed south to Salina. June 1st is when the cows can go on the mountain, so that was the plan. Matt and the 'real cowboys' got up at 5:00 this morning and got a nice, early start with those darn cows. Myself? Yes, I went back to bed after they left.

I finally made it up to the ranch around noon where my father in law had prepared a wonderful dutch oven lunch of chicken, beans, green salad, and of course, cobbler. It was delicious! Thanks Larry! The kids love running all over the ranch and lately they have discovered the lizards.

Here are some of the lizard catchers:

Kelsey, Alissa (I think), Alysen, April, Ashley, Judd, and Larry.

They were so proud of their lizards. They are holding the poor, mauled things.

Here are the other lizard catchers: Ainsley, Adri, Kendal, and Aiden, better known as "the 3 year olds." Aiden and Kendal are no longer 3, and there are only 4 of the 6 "3 year olds" in this picture, but it is just easier to refer to them as a group. There were 6 babies born within a 1 year and 1 day time frame. That means all 5 of us wonderful Crane ladies had a baby that year, but Lisa ended up double lucky with twins.

Kendal finally decided that lizard catching was a fun thing too, so here she is plucking a lizard off the tree. Maybe those lizards at the ranch will learn to hide in a deep hole when they hear childrens' voices from now on!

Me and my cowboy.

Matt and Kendal getting the best of Larry's beans and chicken, and yes, that is a Pepsi can in her hands again! Grandpa Larry is such a sucker and a pushover when it comes to kids and his drinks!

After lunch they headed out one more time to move just a few more cows and a bull. Kelsey got to go this time and she was excited. About 1/2 hour after they left, we got a really nice rain and then some pretty good hail. I was feeling bad for my little cowherder. I found out later she, April, and Emiko got to hide in the horse trailer for the worst of it.

Thanks for a good weekend Cranes and Talbots!


Epperson Family said...

looks like a lot of fun! Cute pic of you and your cowboy!

mom said...

Yes, I agree, you and the cowboy look awesome.
Looks like the kids had fun,,,,its nice when they can all get together and make some memories, they will remember it for years and years.

Bednar Family said...

It looks like the kids had a great time! What wonderful pictures. I'm now craving dutch oven cobbler--I better have Rob start cooking.


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