Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chappell Side Men

Happy Father's Day to all you men out there!
Here is a smattering of the Chappell side men in my life - I love them all!

My dad jokes that he could ride a horse before he could walk. Maybe it is partially true. He is a great horseman, patient and understanding.
He was a handsome teenager! No wonder my mom fell for him! Paps, you still are handsome!

He is actually VERY handsome and loves to see the world with my mom on their bike.

He is a great husband to my mom. After almost 40 years together they are still in love.

He has a great sense of adventure. We grew up doing fun outings with our dad, even a trip to do chores at the field could be fun with our dad.
He is a super amazing grandpa to my kids and all my nieces and nephews. He has AMAZING patience.

He knows how to have a great time and enjoys spending time with his family - thanks for that dad!

He can make, build, figure out, or fix, anything, and he is willing to spend some time to help his sweet daughters with their wild projects. He is selfless.

My dad can speak Kendalese and speaks it well, which really says a lot. He loves my children and is so great with them. He is the perfect grandpa.

My dad is a fun outdoorsman. He likes to camp, fish, hike, explore, hunt, be in the mountains, and actually farm ( I think he likes it anyway). He has taught his children to enjoy and also respect the outdoors.

My dad is the kind of guy that just gets things done. If something needs to be done, he will do it. He also has a fun time doing it and others like to be near him.

Cussing is in my dad's every-sentence vocabulary, but I remember the only time I heard him drop the big bomb. I drove his newly painted 1960-something Dodge truck into a railroad tie fence post. Being a know-it-all 15 year old, I honestly didn't know my dad knew that word! Anyway, one quick story. Back when I was in high school our ward used to have opening exercises before everyone went to Sunday School class. He was conducting one Sunday and this is what he said from the pulpit "... and our opening hymn will be on page (big pause as he was looking through his notes) oh hell, I don't know what page it is on, you can just find it when we start singing." It was so great.
Happy Father's Day Paps. You are the best dad any girl could ask for.

Here is the wonderful father of my children, My Matty. I love him and my girls adore him.
He teaches our kids about hard work and also having fun.
He is a caring and compassionate father to our children and loves them so deeply.
He not only takes care of our family financially, but he cares for us immensely. He loves his kids so very much and loves to be with them, either playing or working.

Thanks for all you do Matt Crane! Happy Father's Day, I love and appreciate you more than can be expressed.

Now a Father's Day wish to my brother Glen. He is also a great example of a super great father. He loves to be with his kids and is a great dad to them. He is a jokester and has sure passed that on to his son, but he also knows the value of hard work and knows how to get things done. My kids know that their Uncle Glen is the teaser and also the patient one.

And Happy Father's Day to Jared, my sister's husband. He is a fun and patient dad to his 2 sweet kids. He is the bucking bull of the kid rodeo, but also the guy that buckles down and gets to work. My kids know that time with Jared will be a good time and he will treat them like his own.

Enjoy your special day DADS!


Dad said...

Thanks Rachel, You are sweet and a pretty good fibber. I don't cuss in every sentence, just when its necessary. And besides that, the gate was open and you hit the fence. I try to be as good as my kids are and that's pretty damn good.

Tori said...

Thanks Rach! That is a great post! We do have awesome men in our family. They are all so different but still have so much in common. We all married hard workers that love their family--that is all that matters! I wouldn't trade a single one!

Epperson Family said...

Great post to dads! You always have great ideas. Let your Dad know he's not the only Dad out there that speaks the cow language!


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