Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Candlelight Christmas

Last week Amanda and I attended another Utah Civil War Association Event. This time Mark, Amanda's husband, came and it was held at This is the Place Heritage Park. They always have something called Candlelight Christmas from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I suppose it is the 'cool' thing to do in Salt Lake City during the Holiday Season. The park folks asked the association to portray Johnston's Army that was in SLC in 1858. That means the association soldiers were supposed to sit around a fire, try to keep warm, and talk about family and home. That is exactly what we did!

This event is normally only attended by the guys, but Amanda and I can not be still and silent! We asked if we could come for the evening and thankfully they said yes. So we decided to butter them up with food! Amanda made some good ole' southern cornbread, I made some beans and bacon, and then it was topped off with some delicious old fashioned gingerbread by Amanda. Gingerbread was a real treat back in the Civil War days. The guys loved the food and we loved our evening by the fire.

It was fun to see the old faces of some of the soldiers we met at the Veteran's Day parade, and it was even better to meet soldiers in the association we had not yet met. We made a few new friends that night and got to know the guys a little better.

Here is Miss Amanda and and her beloved Infantryman, Mark.

I thought we were going to freeze near to death, but it truly wasn't that bad. The fire helped, but so did the 3 layers of long johns and 2 petticoats under that heavy skirt!

I think most of these pictures look pretty period correct minus the Christmas lights in the background!

Mark treated us to TGIFs for some beverage and dessert after our little outing. It truly was a super fun night - hanging out around a campfire, telling and listening to fantastic stories, getting to know some great people, and wearing a hoop skirt!

Mark and Amanda found this picture in a Time Life Civil War book and Mark found it very appropriate. This is what the caption says:
Briefly detraining during their hasty journey to Bull Run, troops of General Joseph E. Johnston are plied with refreshments by Confederate women at a station on the Manassas Gap Railroad. In 2 days 9,000 soldiers traveled 50 miles by rail from the Shenandoah Valley to Manassas Junction en route to the battlefield.
Very fitting I suppose. The ladies feed the men, and the men love the food. I need to make an apron so I can really look the part!


mom said...

Looks cold, but you looked like you were having a great time.

Epperson Family said...

I love the capes! I'll have to get that pattern.


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