Wednesday, December 30, 2009

its in the genetics

In Emmitt's lengthy 9 months of life, he has been very content to play with non-gendered and girl toys. He has enjoyed all of Kelsey and Kendal's old baby and toddler toys, and even the occasional Barbie, because I have not purchased new toys for him. Until Christmas.

I have no idea how he knows that his new fire truck and tractor should be pushed along the carpet as he crawls alongside of it. I truly think that knowledge comes along with the boy genes and that XY chromosome pairing.

I was absolutely amazed that he knew what to do with his firetruck about 3 minutes after it was opened. Amazing!

My dad gave him a John Deere tractor and he loves it. He "drives" it all over the floor also. It seriously makes me giggle. Soon I suppose he will start doing the sound that is hidden deep within his little boy brain and suppressed by his inability to talk and his 2 older sisters!

I love this little hammer that Santa left for him. He loves it too. Dang, Kendal and Kelsey wish they had one too!


Tori said...

Same with with B. The car noises are priceless when they come out--and the looks of what the he?? when they dont approve of your car noises.
Even Jared let me know that my airplane noises suck--whatever!!
Boys are so much fun--that's for sure!!

ourhaskellfamily said...

I thought the same thing when my boys both started driving cars and doing the noises. It really must be hard wiring!

Bob and Cherlelynn Bednar said...

He is too cute! What fun it is to have a little boy in your house!


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