Friday, December 11, 2009

Kelsey is so envious!

I went to a BALL the other night and Kelsey is just green with envy. There was a Dickens/Civil War Christmas Ball this past week in West Jordan that Sherron, Amanda, and I attended. It was so much fun.

The evening started out with our ward's Relief Society's Christmas Dinner. It went super well and it turned out to be such a fun, classy evening together. Unfortunately, I ran out with a kitchen full of dirty dishes to attend the ball. I know, where are my priorities?? But we have been planning on this ball for a good month and I could just not pass it up, dirty dishes or not!

The ball was hosted partly by a couple that teaches vintage dances, so we got some much needed dance instruction. Some of you may wonder why in the world we attended without our sweet husbands. Well, first of all for those of you that know my Matt - can you imagine him dressed in wool trousers at a ball? Yeah, me neither - not to mention the SOCIAL part of it - it would be pure torture for the man! And secondly, to be truly 'period correct' you were not supposed to dance with your spouse more than once or twice a night at a ball. It was just rude. Balls were social outings and to stick to your spouse the entire evening was truly rude. Thirdly, they did so many fun fun dances back then that you didn't necessarily have to have a specific partner to be able to dance. You know all those Jane Austen movies where they line up with ladies on one side and the gentlemen on the other? Yeah, that was us. But there we so many people there that we did those same dances in a circle so everyone could fit. So just the girls attended and we had a super time.

Luckily, some of our Civil War soldiers we met at the Veterans Day parade were there to shuffle us around a little bit too. This is Jamin and Amanda waltzing. I definitely need to practice up on that - I was horrible and honestly stepped on one poor guys toes. I am pretty sure that was considered rude back in 1863 too!

This picture is of Captain Jake and his lovely wife. He has been the president of the Civil War Association this past year and has been super nice to let us be involved and have such a good time so far.

I got home late so the next morning when Kelsey woke up she drilled me about the ball. She dreamed about it that night I am pretty sure. She asked when she could go to a ball with me and I told her soon. I need to get making her a dress! I have been so busy making my own clothes that even the quilting Christmas projects have been on the back burner for awhile!


mom said...

It's really cool that you have found something that you enjoy so much. Everyone needs a outside interest, to take our minds off the hum drum of everyday life.
Your dresses were awesome, your seamtress abilites amaze me.
Keep it up!

mom said...

thats seamstress, (this damn keyboard does not know how to spell.)


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