Thursday, December 10, 2009

oral sensory seeker

Kendal, my four year old, has a clothing tag issue. She loves them. Both of my girls have been labeled "oral sensory seekers." This means that when they should outgrow putting things in their mouth - they don't. Kendal loves to suck on tags. She is slowly breaking that habit, but the temptation is sometimes just too strong. The older she gets, the better she is about it though.
I remember when she was 2 years old - if you put her on your shoulders or on your back for a piggy back ride, you came away with a slobbery tag on your neck.
So, with that said, imagine the scene a few weeks ago:
7:10 am
Emmitt just fed and happily playing on my bed with me until it is time to wake the girls up for school.
Kendal comes in my room and climbs up on the bed with us. She is smiling and talking to Emmitt and her sweet mother. She is pulling on the tag of her pajama shirt as she is chatting with us. Then she gets a sweet little smile on her face and says "Emmitt, look! Its my tag, do you wanna suck on it?" in the cutesy little voice she uses when she talks to him.
I just about fell off the bed laughing. It was so funny to me for some reason. To Kendal, I am sure that was the nicest gesture she could think of - sharing her tag with her baby brother.


mom said...

I think that is tooooooo funny, and yes, I bet she did think that was a kind gesture to share her tag.
I can't wiat until she grows up and we can tease her about her "tags".

Tori said...

She is hilarious! Remember when we were trying on our reunion costumes--and she went running out of moms room with my bra--sucking on the tag. I think it was jackpot for her--but definately soggy for me when I got it back.

Bednar Family said...

That is so funny--we just love Kendal I can imagine her facial expressions as she saying it--thanks for sharing I needed a smile today :)

Krista said...

That is a pretty sweet gesture on Kendal's part. How cute!


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