Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I spent the morning visiting some older ladies in the neighborhood today. There are truly amazing ladies around here with great stories to share, let alone their nearly lost talents! One lady had a pecan pie in her oven that smelled FABULOUS, one lady who is 93 years old is as spry as a willow and has an immaculate but very pleasant and welcoming home built in 1893 or something like that, another lady loves ancient art and has Egyptian art on her walls, and yet one more lady who grows the most gorgeous dahlias is like a grandmother to me even though mine is already gone. It was a very wonderful morning.
I picked Kendal up from preschool and tried to find Almond Bark in this town to make some delicious neighbor treats for Christmas. I couldn't find any! Most people thought I was crazy!
It has been snowing a little here today so when we got home from our Almond Bark expedition, I put Emmitt down for a nap, got Kendal coloring, and sat down and read a book. It was a perfect winter hour. Truly.
Kelsey is due home soon and we will begin the neighborhood treat baking and try to make the best of the Almond Bark predicament!
Hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas season. I did the last of my running around for 'one last gift' yesterday. I got the binding of a quilt intended for a gift put on a few days ago, and our tree finally put in on Saturday. The wood is in and at the moment our driveway is clear. All is well and wonderful here.
Hope everyone can enjoy this wonderful Christmas season and celebrate our Savior's birth with a happy heart and home.


mom said...

You sure can make a cold, snowy, winter day, sound cozy and nice.

Glad ya got everything done,,,I can't wait to hear what Santa brought.

Jenny said...

Almond Bark? Cute cute picture!

Rachel said...

jen, dont tell me you dont know what almond bark is or I will get you a job at smiths or days market - most of the folks there didnt know either!!

Bob and Cherlelynn Bednar said...

What a cute picture! I know grandma loves it when you guys come and visit--thanks for the company you and others give her. It's so nice since we're so far away :)


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