Wednesday, July 28, 2010

as good as new

A few days ago Kelsey and I moved the old rusty swing set from the bark area by the sandbox, to the lawn. You would think we had a brand new fancy swing set! The kids are playing on it all the time now. It really isn't that far away from where it used to be, but I guess the grass makes all the difference!

With the swing set moved, it seems like the sandbox is even more fun too! Who would have thought?

We try to go on a bike ride every evening. The kids love it. Emmitt gets all silly and crazy when we say 'bike ride.' It makes us all giggle. Katie, the cute neighbor girl, usually goes with us and the girls have a ball.

Matt will even go with us once in awhile when he is home. The girls love it when dad comes with us.

Emmitt even tolerates the helmet because he knows what it means. He is such a sweetie.

And speaking of new things, Emmitt discovered markers today. Kelsey was busy sewing on her quilt to get it finished for the fair next week, Kendal was reading and coloring old The Friend magazines, and so Emmitt wanted in on the fun. He loved the markers. He would even put them back when he was finished! Thank goodness for washable markers nowadays!


mom said...

Just looking at the pics,,,they are growing up so fast,,,I think Emmitt has the best of the bike riding,he can just sit back and relax and look at everything.

ToRi and cReW said...

Isn't it funny, how just changing things around changes the perspective of everything for kids.

Emmitt is getting big way too fast. He looks so "grown-up" in that marker picture.


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