Thursday, July 01, 2010

Helper, Utah

Two weeks ago the kids and I went to the big big town of Helper, Utah for the opening of an Abraham Lincoln exhibit and celebration. Actually, Helper is much bigger than I remember it being and Kelsey said "Mom, we should move to Helper." Anyway, there is a traveling exhibit called Abraham Lincoln: Self-Made in America that is in Helper for a month. They invited our civil war group to participate in a ceremony on the opening day.

Amanda played her hammer dulcimer and my kids sang Goober Peas along with her. They were such great kids on a hot day in Helper. Amanda played while the soldiers marched onto main street and did a musket shoot at noon. The folks loved it.

The artillery guys, a few ladies, the public, and the kids watched the soldiers give their shooting salute.

Inside the museum was this beautiful quilt made by a lady in town with reproduction fabrics and blocks of the period. It was so pretty! I didn't buy any 'chance' tickets while there, I think I should send them some money to put my name in the jar! It is gorgeous and I know how much time went into making that piece of art and love. So amazing...

Kendal, Emmitt, and Kelsey were so great on such a hot day. We spend most of the day under a few shade trees, but once in awhile they would venture off to play on the old mining equipment around the park.

Emmitt found a few girls to flirt with and they thought he was so cute! Those girls are holding their ears while they fire off the cannon.

Here is Amanda and her son Thomas. Her kids were so great too, thank goodness. Her husband brought some baseball goods so the kids played a little baseball in the afternoon. It was pretty cute. Thanks for taking care of the little ones Mark!

Some of they guys - Since it was an Abraham Lincoln event, some of them had to wear their Union uniforms instead of their beloved Confederate uniforms!

One last picture of my little man on some mining equipment. He is such a good little boy! It was a fun day and I am glad we went. It was a little far to drive in a hoop and corset in the heat, but still a good chance to play the part!


Anonymous said...

In the last picture of your day in Helper. Is Emmitt wearing a dress????????

Rachel said...

yes a pinafore AND a dress

where have you been bro???

Mrs. G said...

Your little ones look picture perfect, especially Emmitt! Too many Civil War reenactors wimp out with regards to dressing little boys appropriately. Good job for being brave enough to go against the flow. :-D

Mrs. G


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