Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cabelas living history -SWELTERING

Last Saturday Cabelas hosted our group, the Utah Civil War Association, for a day long encampment at their store in Lehi. It was a hot hot hot and fun fun fun day. I always have such a good time with these folks.

Some of the men practiced drilling.

It was such a warm, okay, super hot day. They were great to drill for the public and just to practice their moves!

I spent 95% of my day here, under the shade. I now know the meaning of SWELTERING and why the ladies in the 1860s had fans to keep them cool. Thank goodness for cotton clothing also!

Here are my friends Gail and Amanda, and I made a new friend in John, the camp cook. It was so pleasant to visit with him and the ladies. John, Colonel Sugarfoot, made us some wonderful split peas and ham for lunch. It was so good!

Amanda played her hammer dulcimer, Gail sorted through her healing herbs and wrapped bandages, and I quilted for part of the afternoon. We also did a whole lot of drinking lemonade(thanks to Sugarfoot) and laughing also.

Just because we were at Cabelas, I had to get a picture of a Cabelasish pose. This is a horrible picture, but we went inside to enjoy the modern air conditioning for a bit and went to the shooting range, just to show our womanliness with such things as fake firearms.

The men had a nice handful of tents set up at our encampment. I have become quite fond of stacked arms, so here you go. Doesn't it seem just so manly - stacking arms?

An artillery piece was also brought up for the day. Everyone liked to see this gem and hear about the job of the artillery soldiers.

I just have to show how pretty my hair was for the day. Amanda did it and it turned out so pretty and periodly perfect. There is no way I could pull this off myself - Thanks Amanda!

And here I am - roasting nigh to death and headed home after a great 1860s day. Matt and the kids spent the day in Nephi with cousins. They swam in the pool for most of the day. There are no pictures to show their enjoyment because I had the camera. Thanks Cranes for taking care of my family!


Tori said...

I can not believe you were out in the hear in that dress! You are tough!

Is all that hair yours? or is there extensions in there? can Jonesy come be my personal hairdresser?

Sorry I missed it!!!

Rachel said...

are you kidding me? of course that is all mine!! How else would one do their hair in 1863?

No, there is alot of extra very long hair in there too. If not, it would look like a piglet's little tail!


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