Thursday, July 15, 2010

Torrey Apple Days and Coleman Reservoir

Thank you all for your quilting comments. I am going to get busy next week!

We love the parade in Torrey, there is nothing else like it. The kids totally made out with so much candy, glad we sent it home with Tori!

Tori, my mom, and me. I love these girls!

I went to the quilt show again. It makes me so happy when they have it in conjunction with Torrey Apple Days. I was so excited to see this quilt because I thought it was a civil war inspired quilt because of all the reproduction fabrics. My dad talked with the quilter and it turns out that it is a Joseph Smith memorial quilt. It was gorgeous!

After the parade we headed on the mountain to go fishing. We used to go to Coleman Reservoir often when I was little and we were usually the only people there. Well, everyone had the same idea we had and there were so many people there! It was okay, we still roasted some hot dogs and threw some worms into the water.

Emmitt and Matt

Emmitt loves his grandma and grandma. They are wonderful grandparents.

It was fun to chat with my mom, dad, and Tori, and watch Brogan and Emmitt sword fight. Poor Brogan, he got hit too many times and he knows that he isn't supposed to hit back. He is a good little boy! Kendal and Brogan seemed to pal around well. I think Kendal likes that she can be the boss and give out orders instead of being ordered around!

I got my first mosquito bite of the whole year while fishing. I figure my first bite being on July 3rd was not too bad.

I just liked this view coming off the mountain from fishing. We really didn't fish all that hard, but that is what I call spending the afternoon by some water and eating and chatting with family.

The cabin my dad made for us is almost finished. He is just finishing up the chinking on the outside. It is so nice and so fun. Matt loves it, I love it, the kids love it. It is fun that we can stay out there with my sister's family and be out of the way. Thanks dad!

We did a few fireworks before the kids went to bed. It was so cute. Happy Birthday America!!

Sunday my brother's family came over for lunch and the kids played in the water, even though it really wasn't all that warm outside! They had a great time. Kelsey and Kendal love playing with cousins!

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Tori said...

cute pics! love them.

I love the one of Emmitt with mom and dad--his face is soooooo happy!


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