Tuesday, July 06, 2010

reunion project

A year or more ago my blog entered a referral contest for my friend's online fabric business, www.piecenquilt.com. I won that referral contest, so thanks readers. I won 3 yards of fabric, my choice. This is what I chose. It is all from a fabric line called Cotton Blossoms. I decided it was time to make something with it.

We have a family reunion every Labor Day Weekend and it is a blast. We also have a raffle for homemade items, and in the past I have always made something up really quick a few days before we go to the reunion. The entire time I am making something, I think "If I had a few more days I could make this and this, which would be so fun and cute, but since I procrastinated, this will have to do." So, I am working on a few projects for the reunion, EARLY!

I cut all my Cotton Blossoms into 9 inch squares.

I made half square triangles out of them and then squared them up again to 8 1/2 inch squares.

Kelsey and I then laid them in a few different patterns.

She picked her favorite one and I sewed it up and added a brown border. Wallah, the top is finished. Now, I just need to really finish it! I love piecing tops, but I don't like finishing them as much as I should!

For our reunion raffle I am also going to make a few of these cuties, and if I can find some more fun fun fabric, I will make another one of these sassy little things! I always have the desire to make some fun things for our reunion, but usually that desire is the week before Labor Day and I am scrambling to get something made. This year, I am planning ahead!

I also started another Civil War gown for Emmitt last night. It is funny how fast a little one can go together; I just wish one for me would be that quick and easy! When we were in Helper for the Abraham Lincoln celebration, a lady said to me "You were at Camp Floyd weren't you? I recognize your little boy and his dress." So I decided since Emmitt has only been to 2 events and he is already recognized, it is time for a new dress!


ToRi and cReW said...

I seriously need to get on the craft bandwagon for the reunion!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe what I am reading!
If other folks are noticing your BOY in a dress that can't be good. Please find a pattern for some britches with some suspenders or something. I don't think everyone made their BOYS wear dresses back in the day. Please don't subject my nephew to wearing dress out in public, if his older sisters dress him up at the house that may be tolerable but no pictures can be taken and definitely no one can come over and visit until he has his Wranglers on.
Concerned Uncle,


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