Friday, July 16, 2010

what to do when siblings irritate you

This is my one and only brother, Glen. He is 2 1/2 years older than me. He was a perfect brother growing up - pestered me, tromped me, protected me, teased the heck out of me, Indian tortured me, spit tortured me, let me tag along, the list goes on and on.

He is still a good brother; we don't see each other very much but recently he has started making comments on my blog. Ones like this when I asked for the quilt layout opinions:

I like Number One. But it is little known fact that since Texas was a territory (before statehood) It is a crime for Boys regardless of age to wear dresses. Since Emmitt is a minor they will come down on you!! I would be very careful about giving a blanket to the 4th Texas Company 1 regiment with a small BOY in a dress at my feet. They have weapons and they do know how to use them. Please don't get your self hurt by MAKING your SON wear a dress.Glen

And after I posted a picture of Emmitt's new dress just for him, he responded like this:

What are you doing to me? Please take the dull, rusty knife from my belly and quit twisting it around. That comment about him twirling around in a dress and loving it just about done me in. I have a couple questions: Does Matt know you dress him like that? Do both Grandpas know? Does the rest of his uncles and male cousins know of this abomination? GLen

Glen, this was the picture that was in the Salt Lake Tribune. Isn't he a doll? Now if he wasn't dressed period correct, he wouldn't have been photographed and loved by the public!

Glen is a tough guy and is very concerned. I follow this blog and today's post says it perfectly. Have a read:

Thanks Glen for your concern, but I promise we are okay. Emmitt makes happy tractor noises and runs to the window whenever he hears a big truck go by our house,and has spent most of the last 36 hours on the rocking horse we call THUNDER. He is all boy. By the way, this picture is of the famous egg fight of Easter 2007 between Tori and Glen. Glen won, of course.

Now for my only sister, Tori.

She recently also dismayed the blogging world with this post:

It is uncalled for and is quite embarrassing for our family. Tori, you will not be forgiven!

At least until next week!

Thank you both for being you and for being mine.


Mrs. G said...

Oh I laughed and laughed at your brother's comments, he sounds just like my brother, lol. I appreciate his concern though, he's a good brother for caring. Emmitt looks like a DOLL in his dress, what a sweetie! You sewed it right? Good job, it looks perfect!

Mrs. G

Mrs. G said...
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the annoying little sister said...

I am so glad that after being your little sister for 30 years I can still irritate you!
Glad to know I haven't lost my touch!!!
Love you long time

the annoying little sisters husband said...

GO GLEN!!!!!!


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