Tuesday, August 03, 2010


This week is the County Fair! Yippee! I entered the quilt I made for Tori into the fair, and Kelsey finished her quilt binding with 20 minutes to spare before the exhibit entries closed! Look at the cute little label I put on the back of Tori's quilt - I thought it was so fun. It says Made for my favorite sis TORI 2010 Heber City, UT by Rachel Crane
Today is my little sister Tori's birthday and she came up for the evening. It was great to spend some time with her, even if it was scatter-brained time. She and I went to dinner tonight and it was a real treat, although I never pick a very good place to eat!

Happy Birthday Sis!

To help promote our upcoming civil war event here in town, Amanda and I got the hair brained idea to do a civil war display in the Home Arts room. We are also going to be in the parade on Saturday. She and I spent most of the day setting up our little display. Our kids were such angels. The judging was going on so they had to stay outside and play on the playground and they were so good. This is Amanda and I making sure the dummy stands up nice and tall!
We are displaying some of the clothing we have made for our children.

And we just had to set up for tea and quilting for the soldiers!

The soldier's area looks so sharp and crisp!

Thank goodness for my neighbor Debbie and for Deonn, the Home Arts room goddess. Come see the entire display at the Wasatch County Fair on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!


Krista said...

You are one busy woman! Love the quilt you made. Tori is lucky to have such a fabulous big sister!

mom said...

The display looks awesome,,I bet it is a hit with everyone.
Good luck to you and Kelsey on the quilts!

Tori said...

It was a good dinner! you picked a place our husbands would never go--

Thanks again for the quilt! love LOVE LOVE it!!

and your display looks awesome!!


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