Friday, August 27, 2010

the leaf

I really dislike cooking in the summer, so I don't that much. We eat easy food and we eat at the bar. I take the leaf out of the table because we only eat at the table a few times all summer, and besides, it makes a great sewing table!

Well, school started yesterday. That means I put the leaf back in the table and rearranged furniture, and CLEANED. I made a fabulous dinner last night and we all sat around the table again. It felt nice, very nice. It was a great kick off to school starting and getting in a routine again.

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Amy said...

Hi Rachel!
I would LOVE to not cook so much in the summer. How do you get away with it? My daughter is so picky (as well as my husband) that I can't get either of them to eat anything that isn't cooked. Well, I guess Victoria will eat fruit, but that's the only non-cooked items she'll eat. Husband won't eat hardly anything raw except fruit and detests sandwiches. How do you do it? Have you been blessed with a non-picky family? :)



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