Sunday, August 08, 2010

spiritual war

I read a talk today by Boyd K. Packer. He talked about what life was like when WWII was over and how his generation were more sober as young adults because they had witnessed sobering things at war. He had this to say and it really hit me:

The whole focus of our lives in the military had been on destruction. That is what war is about. We were inspired by the noble virtue of patriotism. To be devoted to destruction without being destroyed yourself spiritually or morally was the test of life.

You too live in a time of war, the spiritual war that will never end. War itself now dominates the affairs of mankind. Your world at war has lost its innocence. There is nothing, however crude or unworthy, that is not deemed acceptable for movies or plays or music or conversation. The world seems to be turned upside down. (See 2 Peter 2.)

Formality, dignity, nobility, and respect for authority are mocked. Modesty and neatness yield to slouchiness and shabbiness in dress and grooming. The rules of honesty and integrity and basic morality are now ignored. Conversation is laced with profanity. You see that in art and literature, in drama and entertainment. Instead of being refined, they have become coarse. (See 2 Timothy 3:1–9.)

You have decisions almost every day as to whether you will follow those trends. You have many tests ahead.

I sure enjoy Boyd K Packer and his insight. His talk continues on and gives us ways to help us make decisions and ways to help us win our spiritual wars.

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