Friday, August 06, 2010

a few of my fair faves

Our ward primary did service projects this year for their fair project. One of the services was to make and stuff school bags for the humanitarian center. I was given 10 bundles of goods to sew up into 10 bags. Kelsey actually sewed them up. It was pretty nice to tell her to do a certain seam and leave her to it! She did a great job. Here is Kelsey and Kendal next to the display our primary put together for the Children's Room at the fair.

Here is the quilt I made for my sister and entered into the fair. I loved making it, hope it gets well used!

I think this is such a cute quilt. It is made by my friend Natalia of Now that I have a little boy, I am more drawn to little boy patterns!

I liked this simple one too - just a jelly roll sewn together, cut in thirds and a panel of white added with super cute applique.

This one is also a Natalia creation. I like it because it is more than Christmas, it is Winter!

This beauty is called Carpenter's Star and it was made by my friend Deonn. I need to make one of these!

This pattern is called Turning Twenty and Deonn's tripets each made one when they turned 20 this year! I love this one, it is Lauren's.

Here is Kelsey's quilt. She got a blue ribbon and did a terrific job. She sewed all but about 50 stitches of this quilt. She pieced it, she machine quilted it, and she bound it.

This quilt is super cute too, I think Lori made this one.

This one is my favorite quilt of the entire quilt show, besides my own I guess. I am not sure what the judges saw in it because it only got a red ribbon. I loved it!

Here is the other quilt I entered and it received Sweepstakes. Crazy. This quilt was made as a block of the month with the ladies in my ward. There are so many memories of late, fun nights with the ladies in my neighborhood sewing and laughing for the past winters. I was super surprised with the Sweepstakes ribbon. What a treat! Now if all those fine ladies would finish theirs . . .

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mom said...

Yyayayaya! Way to go Rachel!!
Big congrats.
And Kelsey too,,,,,that is awesome,,I hope she enjoys doing this as she gets older,,,, Way cool!


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