Saturday, November 27, 2010

American Heritage Festival 2010

How can one possibly blog about such a crazy fun weekend? There is no way to put the great time into words, even the pictures don't do it justice! I shouldn't even try, but I want to share some pictures anyway.

The picture above is a 10 by 13 inch embroidery project Amanda and I made to give to Colonel Scott, the fellow in charge of the American Heritage Festival. After Amanda and I put on the Heber Valley Civil War and Living History Weekend, we realized how nice a little token of thanks can be and how far it really goes. We wanted to make him something, and this is what we came up with . I think it turned out terrific.

A handful of Utah guys went down as Revolutionary War guys. I think they look fantastic!

Our tent and shade fly was the place to be. Amanda and her musically minded friends practiced under our fly and it drew people like crazy. They sounded so amazing, I could have listened all day. Oh wait, I did!

Amanda's father plays a Confederate field doctor and she plays his nurse. She talked me into playing nurse with her. I am not too sure about it, but it was worth a shot.

Here are some of the silly girls that liked to hang around our tent. They were fun girls to get to know.

This is Austin and myself. We had a great time together and he escorted me across the field MANY times! Thanks Austin!!

A nice fellow was there doing wet plate photography, so Amanda and I had ours taken. It took FOREVER! We drew quite a crowd and I must say it was difficult not to smile with so many faces smiling back at us!

Here is Colonel Scott, his wife Lisa, and his lovely daughters getting their photo taken. They make a smashing Revolutionary family!

A few shots of my nursing field action. It was very little. Amanda and our other nurse, Abrianna, were too quick for me and took care of most of the poor wounded men. When I got to this fellow I said "Where are you hurt soldier?" He groaned "I have been gut shot." I said "Oh dear, that is going to be hard for me to wrap." He smiled and then said "Okay, how about my leg." "Perfect" I replied and I giggled a little and got to wrapping.

More music - it was seriously amazing, and everyone loved it.

This one is taken after another battle. I believe the Rebs won this one. It was fun to sit back and listen to the crowd as they watched the battle unfold.

This picture shows all the Utah folks except John. We had a great time and hopefully we will be able to attend next year's American Heritage Festival. If only it were closer!! The drive seriously about did me in!

We drew a little crowd every now and then, and just a few minutes before this picture was taken, the blankets were full of period dressed girls looking for some attention from Austin and Caleb. I worked so hard to get this cot quilt ready to take on our trip, and I only got a few rows quilted! It was nice to sit and listen to the music and quilt, but sometimes so nice that I forgot to move my needle!

This is Amanda and her sweet niece Heather. She got to hang out with us all day Saturday and we had a great time. She even helped us with a little prank on some of the artillerymen. I think she had a fantastic day with us.

While the officers had their officer dinner, we all danced. Once again Amanda, Caleb, and all the musicians provided music for the occasion. This fellow here is what we call The Prancing Puritan and he called the dancing. He did a super job and we all enjoyed the dancing.

After the dancing, everyone sang a bit and sat around the fire. It was a nice atmosphere and perfect weather for the evening outside.

Here is another shot of the Revolutionary Utah boys headed off to war. It was fun to hang around with them and get to know them a little more. What a great time we had!

I loved that the little boys were playing war. It cracked me up. Emmitt would have been all over that, and Kendal too if they would have let a girl play with them!

I met a fun gal named Darcy that portrays the California Gold Rush period. She let everyone shoot her bow and allowed me a few quiver fulls also. I got a little lucky a few times and actually hit the dollar bill, but this one was the perfect shot.

Here is Darcy showing Amanda how to let the arrows fly. It was such great weather, a little windy, but so great. Oh Darcy claimed her mother to be the best cook in the west. Well, she may be correct. Her mom made some delicious dishes that we were able to try. I need to see if I can replicate her applesauce dumplings - yummy!!!

A shot of the Confederates in battle.

Oh, I loved the area they had for the kids school. It was such a great idea. They could try their hand with ink and pen and practice their penmanship. They also had chalk and slates. The kids loved it. They could also make a fun little corn husk doll. I think we will do something like this at our Heber event next year. It was fabulous.
Well, that is enough pictures. We had a great time and I have so many memories to hold me over for a bit, but I am afraid I have the bug. I need to do more of this kind of event. Next time Kelsey might be able to come with us, she would love it too! Thank you so much to Amanda, Caleb, Austin, and Gail - what a blast we had!


mom said...

Awesome pics,, and I know you had a great time,,,,, Good for you!

ToRi and cReW said...

So glad that you had a great time and was able to get away and do something that you love!

Stephanie Ann said...

Nice photos it's weird seeing all of those different periods all together. How cool! :D


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