Tuesday, November 02, 2010

EEGS and wire ponytails

Kendal had another EEG today at Primary Children's. It went SO GREAT! Well, the procedure went great, we have to wait until next week to find out the results. Look at that girl smile! She was such a great little girl. I think this was her 5th or 6th EEG and all the others were not so happy!
We did an EEG today because she is at half dose of her seizure medication taper and they wanted to see what her brain was thinking about that. If the results are good, we will continue the taper and she will be finished with her meds in 2 more months. If the results are not good, we get to stay at half dose and hope for no recurring seizures. Either way I am pretty happy.

This picture is Kendal in Feb 2007, before the seizures.

This picture was in April of 2007, after her first EEG - see the little node thingies still stuck to her chest?

This next picture makes me sad. She looked so horrible and miserable. This one was in July of 2007 - at the height of her ATCH therapy. She gained so much weight and the steroid effect was horrible. She truly was a miserable 2 year old.

This one is Sept of 2007, after ACTH and after the seizures were over.

This is a picture of an EEG in April 2008. She was a pretty good sport this time around, all the other times she kept yanking the wires off of her little head. It took 4 techs and then Matt and I holding the poor thing down to get the job done! After they would wrap her head in gauze to hold it all in place, she would still try to rip it off!
The April 2008 EEG is when she had a broken leg to boot! The Dora book was a lifesaver this time around!

This was today. They gave her a mirror and she watched them attach all the electrodes with a smile and even asked a few questions. She fell asleep for the last 10 minutes and I almost did too! All that sleep deprivation the night before worked thankfully.


Tacey said...

I hope the results come back good. I completely understand having to try to talk a little kid into procedures and hoping they hold still long enough. She is a cute girl. You have done a great job with her. :O

Amy said...

What a sweet girl. I hope all the results are positive. BTW, I'm IN LOVE with the photos of your kiddos in the sidebar with all their period clothes on. They look fantastic.


mom said...

I have thought about her all day. I so hope the results are great, but I agree with you, even 1/2 dosage is such an improvement.
And that one pic of her on steroids make me sad too. I think back on that time,, I guess it was a necessary evil.

LeEllen said...

She's such a trooper!!! And such a sweet thing. Give her a kiss from me, please. Hope the results turn out well.

Tori said...

Oh I hope the results are great!!!

I hate to see her bad pictures, I forget how aweful it was.

She is a tough girl and you are a tough mama!

lissawi said...

I'm so glad she is doing so much better! That must be so difficult. What a lucky little girl to have such a great mama who cares for her!


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