Monday, November 29, 2010

a glimpse of my Thanksgiving

We went to my mom and dad's for Thanksgiving and it was great. I really don't get to see my one sister and one brother all that often, so a get together is fabulous! We prepared and ate dinner out in the cabin - it was so cozy and nice! Plus, it kept the mess out of my mom's house! When I say 'we prepared', I mean my sister in law Angie and my mom. I was a little under the weather and napped on the rug for quite a bit of the time. Thanks Angie and Mom!!

Here are all the Chappell grandkids. Tori said it is impossible to get one picture with all of them looking normal and nice. I think she is right, but that is why we love them!

This is me, my bro Glen, and my sis Tori. I love them, they are great.

These are some 'behind the scenes' photos. Glen would not stand up nice and tall so we kept poking and nudging him. He and Tori have a 'who is taller' contest every time we get together! And the top photo, there is no explanation for it, it just makes me giggle.

My sweet little Emmitt and his fabulous blue eyes.

The kids watching CARS after playing outside in the FREEZING weather.

Kelsey and my paps.

Glen and Angie. Angie did Thanksgiving dinner this year and it was fabulous! She did a fantastic job and we all loved it.

Kelsey and Presley learned a few hand clapping games. They made up a few too; I wish I could be 8 years old again.

Matt, Kendal, and Emmitt. Matt had to leave so he could go back to work on Friday. It was nice to have him there for a little while.

Waylon and my dad are playing XBOX in the background thanks to Mark Jones. He donated all the goods needed to play, to the cabin and has therefore been extended a lifetime visitors pass to come and stay in the cabin. My mom is a wonderful grandma that gets down on the floor with the kids and plays with them. My kids love their grandparents.

Oh, and here is Thanksgiving Dinner. Tori and Jared could not make it until later in the evening, so it was a small, nice, delicious dinner with just my brother's family, our family, and my mom and dad.

Here I am, trying to help without falling asleep! I have had a little sick bug and I keep thinking it will get better, but it seems to get worse and worse. But all is well - the fire is roaring and dinner is in the oven! Thanks family for a fun fun Thanksgiving weekend!


ToRi and cReW said...

Love it!

Such fun! Love my family!

mom said...

Love that pic of Emmitt,,and the one of you guys,,,, made me laugh hard.

Adree said...

Yor hair is getting SOOOO long. I love it!

Robert and Cherlelynn Bednar said...

What cute pics and a fun Thanksgiving with the fam :)


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