Monday, February 14, 2011


I have taken pride in the fact that I have not helped with any of the parties at my daughters' school, like the Christmas Party or whatever. I love to help in the classrooms, but I don't like thinking about and planning things for a party. I teach art every month in both of my daughter's classes and I do fluoride every Wednesday and I call that okay. Well, none of the other moms volunteered to help in Kendal's kindergarten class for the Valentine's Day Party, and since I can not say no, I will be doing that in about 1/2 hour. Wish me luck.
I bought 20 some-odd pairs of gloves last week.

I glued googlie eyes on them on them this morning and now I am getting ready to go see how well the kindergartners do on making Valentines Dragon Gloves. The piles of red are the wings and spines the kids get to sew on to make their dragons. Yes, I am giving 5 year old kids needles. Cross your fingers that all goes well!


Krista said...

What a cute idea! Look how crafty you are!

Mom said...

You have a great imagination. Let us know how it turned out.

Anonymous said...

I stole the idea from a family fun magazine.
It was a hit, I took a few crazy pictures. Some of their sewing skills impressed me, and some of them made me giggle.



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