Saturday, February 26, 2011


Last Monday we were all playing in the basement 'man cave' where Kendal and Emmitt were jumping off of the coffee table onto the bean bag and into my arms. Yes, I allowed this activity to occur against my better 'mom judgement' but we were having a blast. Until Kendal slipped. And cracked her head. On the coffee table. Hard. Really hard. This is the result. 5 days later. OUCH! She is such a tough little trouper though, wow she is amazing!

Okay, and once again I post more horrible pictures of myself. But I really couldn't help it. It was just too stinking funny. Kendal, Emmitt, and I put some old knee high nylons on our heads. We were laughing so hard we could hardly stand up. Kelsey was not a knee high participant, but she was the one that laughed the hardest.

Emmitt was scared of us at first, but that only lasted about 5 seconds and then he wanted a knee high on his sweet little head. When I first put it on him, he was breathing really funny out of his nose and he kept touching it. Oh my goodness he thought it was hilarious to look in the mirror!

Matt took these pictures when I asked him to. He took one and said "Rach, honey, you look bad, really really bad." I said "I know, take some more!" He shook his head, smiled, and snapped a few more. I do look bad, really really bad, but it will be worth the memories when we look at these pictures in 5 years. I love my little crew so much, they are great.


Epperson Family said...

You are so funny! I need a good laugh in an otherwise crappy day!

Krista said...

So fun! I recall a time where you did that at Snow. Good times!

Mom said...

The nylon faces are funny in a weird sort of way, it always made my eyelids hurt to do it.
Kendal's head.......damn makes my toes curl.

Spencer's Adventures said...

Love the pictures! I think you all look awesome! You will love those down the road.

Jenn said...

I can't quit smiling-- so funny.

Tori said...

Ouchie for Kendal!!

And you have inspired me-- I may have to get out some old nylons and play!


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