Thursday, February 10, 2011

skiing again

I went skiing yesterday, the first time in at least 10 years. I went with my friend Jen, whose husband arranged for us to go while tending our 7 children. Park City Mountain Resort has this deal going on to Utah residents called START NOW. You get a 3 hour lesson, all the rentals you need, and a lift pass for $25. What a deal. The kicker is, you get to do this for 5 times at this price. NICE!

I thought we were going to freeze our little tails off since the high around here for the last week as been in the teens, but I was surprisingly warm. It could be all the layers I had on or the fact that we were moving, but we were snug as a bug.
I grew up skiing only once a winter with my family at either Brianhead near Cedar City, or Elk Meadows near Beaver. We would go during Christmas Break and we always had a blast. We were not very good, but good enough to get us in trouble. I remember going down some random black diamond run with my dad and brother and my dad cussed loudly the entire way down, and then totally wrecked at the bottom, it was hilarious! Anyway, when we went skiing we all wore Carhart or Walls overalls. We didn't have nice snow clothes, so we wore our warm chore clothes. It didn't matter that much at Brianhead or Elk Meadows because they are small town, rural places, but if would have shown up in Park City dressed like that . . . I can only imagine how sweet we would have looked with all those designer snow bunnies! We would have been laughed out of town. But since I could care less what people think, I wore my dorky hat, stupid sunglasses, sweet fuzzy scarf, and my Cabelas down coat just to make a Park City statement!

This is Jen and our instructor Paul. He was a nice enough guy but WAY too chatty! We just wanted him to stop talking and let us ski. Jen finally told me to stop asking questions that were off the topic (like where was Sleepy Hollow, Oregon) because his answers took too long! Jen and I wanted to ditch him and just go ski after the first 2 hours of our class, but I have what I call an obedience problem. I am just way to obedient sometimes for my own good!

We had a great time and topped it off with Chinese take out on the way home. Thanks Jen for a great afternoon and thanks Brian for changing Emmitt's diaper and all that went on with my kids!


Tori said...

Love it!

First off, you do not need lessons!
Second, I am coveting your sunglasses!
Third, we were totally hot in our skiing apparel--especially since most of it really didn't fit. Remember the one year, when Dad brought home snowmobile suits from work and they were about 30 years old and the stuffing was coming out of holes--that was the best!!!

I still do not have designer coldwear--maybe we need to go shopping!!

Glad ya had a good time!

Anonymous said...

I thought about those sweet 1970s snowmobiling suits this morning and laughed out loud. We were so cool . . .


Buttons said...

Looks like a good time. Cold but fun.
I laughed hard at your reminiscing at the good ole days.
I always stayed home where I was warm, but I know you all looked so hot in your skiing attire.

lissawi said...

Lucky! I would love to get some time off to go have fun with friends. Enjoy your ski lessons!

Krista said...

Looks like you two had a lot of fun! What a screaming deal! Wish I was still there to enjoy it!


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