Sunday, February 06, 2011


I saw these very unassuming packages of pasta a few weeks ago on sale at Smith's for a dollar. I love my carbs, so of course I bought them. I decided a few days ago that I would make some soup with this cute little pasta. I threw in some chicken broth, cooked chicken, carrots, celery, red potatoes, and some onion. It was looking pretty good. I then added about 1/2 box of each cute little pasta. It didn't look like much so I put a little more in the pot. I put the lid on and came back 5 minutes later to take a look. The pasta had gone crazy! It ate up the entire pot of soup!

Lesson learned, a little bit goes a LONG ways! The soup turned out pretty darn good for an early February day and my family loved it.

Another bit of excitement in my kitchen - a new faucet. My old one has been looking pretty nasty for quite some time. I told Matt the other day that I wanted to get a new one and that the little hardware store here in town had some inexpensive ones. He said "great." The next day I found a nice sized puddle of water under my sink so I decided it was perfect timing. I took the girls to school and headed to the hardware store. They love me there. I spend alot of time and money there and they are great to help me with all my crazy ideas.

I got home and attacked the faucet. I must admit, I am quite the plumber. I have replaced a few hoses in the bathroom sinks and one of the faucets. I was very confident going into this adventure and that my new faucet would be ready in no time. Wrong. I forget that I am not as strong as I would like. After I disconnected all the hoses there were a few collars that were holding the actual faucet onto my sink that I could not get loose. I could barely fit under my sink so I knew there was no way Matt could. I needed a tough skinny person - Derek my neighbor came to mind. I remember when I used to be stronger than him, but now that he is 18, those days are LONG gone. They were actually gone a few years ago but I hate to admit it because I still threaten him with a 'Wayne County Whoopin' when he needs it! He was at school so I did the only thing a poor lady can do - called the nice plumber. Fortunately Matt works on his horses and he is a nice guy, so a few hours later, my new faucet was installed and I didn't have to crawl under that sink again!

It is nothing fancy, but not nearly as dingy. I still need to clean around all the nasty hard water stains that are left from my old faucet, but that is cake compared to crawling under the sink. It is funny what brings us such joy - a new faucet for me does the trick.


TORI said...

New faucets are exciting!!

but we Chappell girls are easy keepers!

Breanne said...

I am getting Spring fever. We've gone to the rec cent a couple of times, and Tucker likes running all over the place there. I will talk to Terra. Thanks for the info.


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