Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dirt roads

There is something sweet and wonderful about a dirt road, and living on one is even better. This is the road that leads only to my parents' home. When I was little this dirt road was REALLY long, especially in the hot hot summer weather. My grandma, and the rest of the world, lived down this dirt road. I swear just walking down this road to my grandma's house seemed to take forever! I do remember getting a little distracted with the red ants making their home on my dirt road. I would stop and poke and jab at them, but I was never mean enough to destroy their little house of perfectly sized rocks they gathered from this dirt road.

As I got older I was surprised at how short this dirt road became. I was also surprised at how short this road was when riding my bike! I have so many memories concerning this road.

-walking to grandmas
-walking down to the swing
-watching Glen and Chris drive Tonka trucks down this road
-playing gas station on our bikes up and down the road
-watching my friend Deeanna's mom walk up the road with a wooden spoon because she played too long
-walking down the road to get to the trail that leads across the hill to grandmas and to our sagebrush huts!
-walking down the road with my grandpa and his cane
-watching my cousins ride their horses up this road to my house, and then riding horses with my cousins down this road to freedom for the day
-watching my dad walk down the road to go do chores
-watching my older brother Glen disappear down this road with his friends
-driving my mom's Blazer for the first time down this road
-running down this road in the dark during our family reunions while playing run sheep run
-getting my car stuck in the snow when I was 17
-holding Matt's hand while walking down this road when we were engaged
-walking this road with my mom and sister and laughing at something Tori said
-watching Kelsey's naked one year old bum run down this road in the summer twilight
-watching Kendal and Emmitt walk down this road as best friends with a tractor in the background harrowing the field in spring

Seeing my own kids walk down this road makes me smile.


Jenn said...

just the title of this post made me say Awe
Oh dirt roads and the memories!

Mom said...

The pics of Emmitt and Kendal are awesome. And yes,a lot of memories are in that ole dirt road. There is a lost diamond engagement ring sonewhere still there after all these yrs. And my one biggest memory of that road is a head on collision between me and your dad. Luckily we were both going slow.
Gotta love dirt roads.

Rachel said...

I forgot about the ring, but I did remember the head on collision. I chose not to post it since my braces were squooshed into my lips and I bled, I left that one out of my happy dirt road moments!

Tori said...

Lol at your bleeding lips! Yeah there are a few not so happy moments on that road but still childhood memories-- like Glen walking home after he ate it on his bike going to do chores, or me crying home after Roxy put me in the fence, or Jodi Erin after the cactus got the best of her.
One of mine that should be bad but makes me giggle is when the cats would climb into Barbaras van engine and she would rev it and rev it and you could hear the cat in there just a screechin as it got chewed up. (I know I am demented)

Mom said...

Oh my hell, It's a very sad thing when I read about Barbara and the cats, and I laugh until I have tears, and can't stop laughing.
We are a sick bunch.

Rachel said...

Tori, I was going for happy memories! Not nasty ones!! But to tell you the truth, I did think of that one - we are a sick sick bunch. Especially my cackling mother!

Diantha said...

Brought tears to my eyes! Those poor cats! (Can't quit laughing!)


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