Monday, April 25, 2011

i finally did it!

I have been wanting to paint our white walls for years. I have painted the 2 bathrooms, but that is nothing much. So I finally did it! I bought paint last week and this morning I got busy. This is what we looked like at 9:30 this morning.

And now we have 5:00 pm. Yes, I moved the furniture - I like to do that quite often.

Matt had no idea I bought paint and had any intention of painting. He laughed when he walked in the house when he got home from work and said "You should have done this a long time ago, I like it."

I went to buy paint with CHOCOLATE in mind, but I felt I came home with MUD. But, I think I like the way MUD looks on my walls.

I plan on making new curtains for that window. The old ones just don't work with the MUD color. But I am pretty happy about how things turned out. I need to spiff up the baseboards now and attack a few more walls that need a fresh coat. It is funny how just a fresh coat of paint can spiff things up!


Tori said...

It looks amazing!!! Good job!

I am glad you had a good response from your husband.

Kate said...

Awesome job! Mud is a good color!
(since you're from the WC you should know that already)

Emiko said...

I really like it. You have a way with colors!

lissawi said...

It looks lovely! Great job!

Diantha said...

It looks awesome!

Mom said...

I agree, it does look very awesome. It's amazing how good a colored wall can make ya feel. Good job, Rach!


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