Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just another day in paradise

Last week I took the kids down to my parents house for a couple of days. It was a good time. We always love going down there. We spent Friday at Capitol Reef National Park with my dad. We were about 10 days early for the apricot trees to be all in a profusion of blossoms, but it was still wonderful weather for us to enjoy.

The kids love to get out and run, and they could do just that for the day. Wait, there were a few spots that made me nervous as a mother, but that is the joy of childhood - hanging your head over a ledge and looking at the bottom far far below!

Kelsey asked me if I thought she was a city girl. I said "No, absolutely not." She then said "Do I want to be a city girl or not?" I said "No, absolutely not." She said "Good."

If you can imagine this scene 70 years ago, my great grandparents home would be in the background set against that clay hill. Now it is the Chesnut Picnic Area at Capitol Reef National Park. Crazy how time changes things.

Emmitt sure loves his grandpas. His other grandpa is currently in Missouri serving an LDS mission. My dad sure loved spending the day with Emmitt. Emmitt would copy my dad and this last picture shows him putting his hands in his pockets like my dad - it was so cute.


Tori said...

Oh we are soooo the same.

Love the pictures-- and we do need to get down there and get some fruit this year!

I am glad you had a good time.

Jenn said...

that is the cutest thing ever to see him copying his grandpa-- oh I love that little kids think we're these incredible giants and they want to be just like us. So so cute!

Mom said...

Great pics. I really like the one with Emmitt and his grandpa with hands in pockets.

Gail said...

Rachel, you have such a beautiful family. Your words in your blog bring back lots of memories for me as well...although in California our family didn't have quite the tenure yours has in Utah. I love the last picture of Emmitt with grandpa. Children are such a gift from God, aren't they? Thanks for the time in memoryland. :-)

Rachel said...

AWWW, thanks Gail!!


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