Sunday, April 03, 2011

Emmitt loves my quilts

It was General Conference this past weekend and since we don't have a TV to watch it with, I listened to it on the radio. 8 hours of radio broadcasting, and it was wonderful. The only problem is that I just can not sit on the couch, look at the wall, and listen to the radio. So I got out my sewing machine, sat in the kitchen and sewed, and listened to General Conference. Matt and Kelsey watched it on the computer. Anyway, I got so much sewing done! I made my blocks of the month for quilt guild this week, worked on a quilt I am making for the Fort Buenaventura Rendezvous, worked on my round robin block for guild, and finished baby Aniston's quilt!

Aniston just turned 4 months old. I have never been that horribly late to finish a quilt! I have had the top finished since December, it was just getting that delicious Minky fabric put on the back and quilted that took me so long! So I am hoping to send it off to Miss Aniston Talbot today!

Emmitt will not be happy about that. He loves loves loves soft fabric and has taken a special interest in Aniston's quilt. He laid it out on the floor yesterday, added all of his blankets from his bed to it, got his pillow and gloworm, and smiled like crazy when he crawled into his own little bed.

A few weeks ago he fell asleep on this quilt I had just got back from the lady that quilted it for me. He loved it and it is plain old cotton fabric!

And here he is with the same quilt making a little snuggly spot to rest. He is so stinking cute. It makes me giggle at his fabric frenzy!

Here is the same quilt again, finally finished, well kind of! I started this in August and now I just need to add the binding. I had you vote on the layout of this quilt and I think you did an excellent job!


'Mom said...

He does love that minky stuff. Maybe he will just love the finer things in life. The soft, warm fuzzy, fine things.

Krista said...

I think Emmitt has the right idea. I love snuggling in quilts. Cute kid!

Talbots said...

Tell him that Aniston will share and she will love it as much as he does! Can't wait to wrap her in it. THANKS!!!


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