Thursday, January 05, 2012

The girls are back to school

The girls went back to school on Tuesday the 3rd after a wonderful Christmas Break.  They were excited to go back and see friends and teachers.  Emmitt sure loved having them home though.  It is back to boring mom now!  Matt had some vet work to do on Tuesday, but he had plenty of down time at home.  Emmitt kept asking him to play chess.  Matt really didn't want to, but finally he said "Sure buddy, you set it up and then come and get me" thinking he just got out of playing chess.

A few minutes later, Emmitt came and got him and led him to the chess board he had set up.  Matt and I were both amazed.  All the pawns were in the correct place, and Matt only had to move 6 or so pieces to make it perfect.  I guess he has been watching when the girls play!  Matt of course made him play by the rules, and they had a great time.  Whenever the girls play, he uses his truck and horse trailer to haul away the pieces that are killed.  See how he backed up his trailer to the chess board?  That boy cracks me up!

We celebrated back to school day with a hot dog and marshmallow roast that evening.  It is so crazy, because usually our fire pit, lawn, and garden are covered with at least 8 inches of snow in January.  This weather is starting to make me nervous!  We invited some friends over also, Jen and her family, and also Amanda and her family.  It was a fantastic and chilly time.  This is the only picture I got, since it got dark so quickly.  The kids had a great time jumping on the tramp, running around, and just playing, while the adults huddled around the fire and chatted.  It was a good way to celebrate back to school day and no snow covering the fire pit!

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mom said...

LOL, love that Emmitt made his dad play,,and the truck and trailer thing is so dang cute.


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