Thursday, January 12, 2012


Here are a few of the 'before' shots.

Yes, my stockings were still up!

Emmitt and I painted while the girls were at school.  He really was great.

So, take your pick, if you like lighter paint, look at these first pictures taken in the early afternoon.  If you like darker paint, look at the latter pictures, taken on a snowy day in the morning.  Same paint though!

 This is only phase 1 of the project.  I still have to paint the walls DOWN the stairs, but my parents made me promise not to do that by myself.  My mom says someone needs to hold the ladder. I think I agree.  So, phase 2 will be coming soon!


Krista said...

Love it! BTW...What a cute little helper you have!

Emiko said...

I really like the darker shade! Good job. Once again you have excelled in the color department!!


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