Monday, January 16, 2012

I started this quilt in 2006 when I joined the Utah Quilt Guild's statewide round robin exchange.  I have some fun blocks in this quilt from about 12 other ladies from around the state of Utah.  I have spent the last few years off and on making more blocks.  Well, last week I finished making the last few and put them together.  With these blocks, the quilt measures 72" by 84". 

I added one small dark blue border the other day, so now I am just waiting to find that perfect red and blue print to add a larger second border.  It will end up at 88" by 100".  I started this quilt with intentions of it going on my bed.  I think that is where it will end up!  
I am such a fickle woman, because now that the veggie, perennial, and shrub catalogs are showing up in the mail, I want to think about yard work!  It doesn't help that we still have NO snow, when the yard is usually buried by a foot of it in January!  It makes planning projects so much easier when I can see what I need to see!  Actually, I think I may take the shovel out today and see how frozen the ground is, and play in the dirt for a bit if I can!

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Amy said...

That's lovely!!


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