Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dorothy and Rebekah

Santa brought Kelsey The Wizard of Oz dvd this past Christmas and it has been very well received here at our home lately.  Sunday I ran away to a meeting for an hour and left the sweet kids.  When I got home, they were all watching The Wizard of Oz.  When Kendal got home from school yesterday she wanted to watch it again and later in the evening we had to act it out.  I was the lion.  So was Emmitt.  Two lions just made Kelsey crazy so I got to be the Wizard since Emmitt wanted to remain the lion!  When Kendal got home today, she wanted to watch it again!  She has been singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow all night!  Did you know this classic was released in 1939???  I knew it was old, but not that old!  Then of course the novel was printed in 1900.  Just so you know, I didn't give in to Kendal both days, just one of them!

I have been working all weekend on a civil war quilt I started in 2010 and almost have it finished.  Of course, I had to make all the other new civil war signature quilt blocks I cut the fabric for the other day first!  I listened to a book on cd by Orson Scott Card while sewing.  I had read is Rachel and Leah book from the Women of Genesis series a few years ago and enjoyed it, so when I saw Rebekah at the library, I grabbed it.
I enjoyed it as well, but of course it is a novel and so that means much of it is made up to make a good story from a few facts we know from the Bible.  I think the author took a few too many liberties in making Rebekah so out of character for a woman that lived thousands of years ago, but it is his book, so he can write it how he likes. 
Anyway, all I lack on the one quilt is the applique in the center medallion.  When it is finished, I think I will name the quilt Rebekah.  Not because the book is so great, but because she was a great woman and the book made me think about her more and honor her more for the role she played in history.  When I see the quilt, I think of the hours spent sewing it and listening to Mr. Card's story of Rebekah.


Krista said...

Anna just discovered the Wizard of Oz as well. I love that movie!

Cherlelynn Bednar said...

Gracie's FAVORITE movie is Wizard of Oz--our ward saw the play this summer and Grace loved it so much she was Dorthy for Halloween.

If you love books like that my most favorite is the Out of Jerusalem series by H.B. Moore. It is INCREDIBLE!!! Heber library has it on CD (at least I think they did when we lived there).The first one is called Of Goodly Parents. She totally researched everything and it's amazing. We're halfway through book two and will be starting the third soon. Very good :)

Rachel said...

MMMM, Cherlelynn, that sounds good good good. I read a series about Lehi's family written by a Whooley fella or something like that. I loved it, I need to go check out the one you talked about! Thanks so much!


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