Thursday, January 19, 2012

I was in need of a few good family pictures.  I needed a good picture to put on Christmas cards, and I needed to replace a few picture frames from our last family picture when Emmitt was just a few months old.  So I called my sister Tori

Photography is a hobby of hers that she enjoys, plus she is really good at it.  Her family came up to Heber on a Sunday afternoon around 4:00.  Since it gets dark at 5:00, we hustled.  We get out of church at 4:00, so as soon as we got home, we changed clothes and jumped in the car and drove to the north fields.

It was freezing, but I told the kids to smile and for Tori to start snapping.  It was over in about 8 minutes.  Tori said it was the fastest photo shoot in history!  I think she captured us well.  She did a great job!  Now the pictures will go down in Crane history!  I love this crew of mine!

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