Monday, April 30, 2012

 I was able to attend my quilting guild's retreat this past weekend for a little bit, although I wish I could have been there the entire time!  We have such a great group of ladies in our guild and I love being with them.

 Here is my little area of the good times.  Kelsey came with me on Saturday afternoon.  Matt took Emmitt and Kendal down south to the ranch to get some harrowing and irrigating done, so Kelsey and I had a weekend together.  I did get to sew with the ladies on Friday from 6 to about 1 am, then I headed home for some sleep!  Saturday morning we went to her Achievement Days activity, a mother and daughter pampering get-together where she gave me a sweet pedicure and we had a wonderful lunch together.  She is a sweetheart.  She spent 4 hours with me at the retreat Saturday afternoon, but she took her dad's laptop to keep her busy while I sewed!

I received this in the mail on Friday.  I had planned on just missing out on this spring and summer's civil war reenacting events due to my largeness, but then I felt badly about ditching out on my friends and all the fun, so I ordered a maternity corset pattern.  Wish me luck!


Terra said...

I love mommy daughter time. It's so fun when you can just spend quality time with one at a time! And I will still say that one day you will teach me to sew!

Amy said...

Good luck! I never ended up ordering that pattern but considered it. By the way, I think you look adorable with your belly bump. :) Not big as a house.

Mom said...

I am so glad you were able to go to the retreat for awhile. I know how much you enjoy it.
But I bet Kelsey enjoyed her alone time with mom too.


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