Thursday, April 05, 2012

I love getting paid for doing things that I love to do!

 I love getting paid for doing things that I love to do!  Today Amanda, her daughter Lydia, myself, and my Emmitt went to a school about an hour away to do two civil war presentations.  I dressed Amanda for the students, showed them Lydia's and Emmitt's clothing (they just love that a cute little boy wears a cute dress and petticoats!), dressed a student in Kelsey's clothing, and then we dressed two boys in Federal and Confederate uniforms.  We talked alot about the 1860s and answered many questions.  We finished off with music.  Amanda played her hammered dulcimer and we all sang Goober Peas and a few other fun songs.  The students loved loved loved it and the teachers were very appreciative.  So appreciative, they paid us.  We were not expecting that from the day - what a bonus!
Then I went to quilt guild tonight and received more money!  We had a fun Design Challenge issued a few months ago and I made my blue and gray quilt for the challenge.  The challenge was to make a two block quilt with two quilt blocks you hadn't ever seen together.  I have been wanting to make a blue and gray civil war quilt, so I did.  I like how it turned out.  I won 2nd place and a little cash as well!

I also had to turn in my round robin assignment for the month.  I was a little nervous about working on this block because it is so very out of my comfort zone with its modern fabric prints, but I think all is well.  I added the white border, the orange and white churn dash border, and the little embroidery.  I also received my next round robin assignment for this month . . . hope it turns out!

Not too much has happened around here that is blog worthy, but we have been very busy!  Emmitt is loving the nice weather - it is hard to keep him in the house anymore!

 Kelsey had her 4th grade program this week.  4th grade is all about Utah History and she has really enjoyed learning all about it.  Her program was fun and Emmitt kept yelling "Where is my Telsey?" when she was not completely visible!

The kids colored eggs last night and they are excited for the weekend; so am I!  We are going to my parents for the weekend and should have a wonderful time - if the weather cooperates.  It is snowing again right now, but should be in the 70s by Sunday!  Have a wonderful Easter folks!

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Mom said...

I love, love, love the gray and blue quilt. It's so beautiful. And Yayaya for you and Amanda going to the school, I bet the kids loved it. Good on ya!!


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