Thursday, March 29, 2012


 Motherhood, that sobering, sweet, exhausting job we fill.  It is truly a sweet job and one of great honor.  I often forget that part; the honorable part.  I sometimes get caught up in the pain, impatience, and displeasure of my beautiful children that don't follow every direction I give them with perfect exactness.  I have to remember that they are the children, and I am the mother, the patient mother.

 I am so lucky to have these three in my life.  They are what true joy is defined as to me.  When I put them to bed at night and Emmitt insists on "one more hug and kiss" as I impatiently give him one more to go with the previous five, and when Kelsey wants me to come to her room when its lights out time and love her and chat about her day or the book she is reading when the only thing I want to do is go to my exhausted bed myself, and when Kendal adamantly insists she doesn't need to use the bathroom just one more time before bed and I know that means she will clamber noisely up the stairs at two am to take care of that issue and of course want my presence, I often forget how much I love these little people I have been blessed with.
After they are tucked in and sleeping soundly, I then lay in my own bed and reflect at how much I take these little ones for granted and how empty my life would be without them. 

With another one joining us this summer, I will be reminded of how precious a new little life straight from heaven is to me and our family.  But I must also remember, that is where my other little ones came from as well, and that I have been given the chance, opportunity, and honor to help them become the great people they are destined to be.


Tori said...

Such sweet pictures of your kids... they are darling.
I know the feeling of not appreciated these sweet little spirits.
You are an amazing mother!

Krista said...

Such a sweet post. Sometimes it is hard to remember why we are doing what we are, but the random kisses and "I love you's" are so worth it!

Mom said...

You are the most patient mother I know. I wish I had as much patience as you.

Kay E. said...

What an insightful thought on parenthood. Reading your blog makes me want to have kids.


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