Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Matt's parents are living in Missouri for a year and a half, so every now and then, Matt and the kids Skype them and chat for a bit.  The kids get so excited to see and talk to their grandparents, they just about knock over Matt's laptop.  Well, they all Skyped again the other night while Kelsey was practicing her violin.  Grandpa of course heard it and had her play a few songs for him.  He thought it was so fun, he got out his banjo in Missouri and the two of them attempted to play a few songs together over the computer.

Kendal and Emmitt were feeling a bit left out right before bed, and a bit awestruck at Grandpa's banjo playing, so they got their plastic ukuleles and played with Grandpa too.  Here they are, on a chair so the webcam can see them, playing right along with Grandpa and his banjo in Missouri.  I think they thought they were making some of that fun sound that Grandpa was making!  They crack me up. 

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