Monday, March 19, 2012

 We received a bunch of snow last night.  I think the last big storm of the year.  Since it has been a pretty dry winter, it was nice to get some snow, knowing it will melt in a few days instead of stick around all winter!  I love a good March snow!

 When the girls got home from school, a bunch of it had already melted, but there was still enough of the wet stuff to make a snowman or two.  Emmitt had been waiting all day to play with the girls in the snow!

So since my yardwork has been put on hold for a bit, I get to sew.  I should be working on this project:  new cushions for this poor old chair that is falling apart.  I bought some fabric to do so two weeks ago and still haven't done anything with it yet. 

I haven't done too much yet because I am consumed with quilting a blue and gray quilt, and with another project - a new civil war dress.  This is the fabric I am using this time around.  I saw this cotton plaid last summer and bought all they had - 13 yards of it.  I love clearance fabric!  I have wanted a plaid dress for awhile, so I figure now is the time to make it.  I am not under a deadline, since it won't fit me for another 5 months or so anyway!  I have the bodice finished and I am going to spend the next few cold days making 9 yards of ruched trim to attach to it somehow!  I am so excited!  Maybe I will get to that chair too.


Jake said...

The fabric looks good. I need to make Jane a dress sometime in the next month or two.

Rachel said...

You are a good dad JAKE! I have a sweet and pretty easy pattern for a girls cw dress if you want to borrow it.


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