Saturday, April 14, 2012

Where's Waldo?

I think it is sort of silly that my kids are out of school for an entire week for Spring Break.  Where I grew up, I think we just had a 3 day weekend and called that 'Spring Break!'  Either way, I must say I have enjoyed this week with the kids home.  When we went down to my parents' home for Easter Weekend, we stayed a few extra days since the kids did not have school.  I invited my friend Amanda and her kids to come down on Monday and Tuesday and play with us.  Monday was a fantastic day at Capitol Reef National Park - a gorgeous 80 degrees.  The kids played and played. 
You can see our kids in the lower half of this top picture if you look hard.  But, can you find them in this picture below?  They are there and loving the climb, those little thrill seekers!

Thomas, Kelsey, and William were really great with the smaller ones, Kendal, Lydia, and Emmitt.  Our kids get along well thank goodness. 

Capitol Reef is such a fun place to play.  We didn't have any great agenda for the day, just to enjoy the sunshine.  The kids did not want to go on a monster hike, and  I was so okay with that as well!  We mostly just played around on the rocks, had our lunch picnic, and then the kids played in the river.  I didn't get any pictures of that adventure, but the kids loved it.  Yippee for the sunshine!

Thank you Jones family for a fun fun few days of our Spring Break.  I have been busy since cleaning the rest of the week.  I guess I am nesting.  You should see my basement, the unfinished part, it looks amazing!  We have a lot of junk!  The garbage can is overflowing, and I made a few deliveries yesterday of infant baby boy clothing, and have a few more deliveries planned today to the DI and also to my sister.  I love sharing clothing! 
Just one more note:  I am such a pack rat.  A portion of that full garbage is all the notes from Snow College and Utah State University I took and carefully packed away in file folders and boxes.  I am not sure why I thought I needed it all, but it is a good thing I am feeling like throwing away things because now I am throwing!  Well, all but the chemistry, geology, and biology notes and textbooks.  There are just some things I can not part with!  Happy Spring Break!


Jake said...

Best hang on to the Caculas books as well. Looks like fun.

Rachel said...

Oh boy, those Trig and Calculus books were sold to some other poor soul long long ago!


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