Thursday, January 10, 2013

a storm is coming

I grew up in a high mountain desert South-Central Utah farming community.  I grew up hearing prayers in church that always thanked God for the moisture received and asking for the blessing of more moisture in the form of rain or snow, it didn't matter.  I went to college in Utah, got married, and more college in Utah still hearing a prayer of thanksgiving for the snow and rainfall.  I then moved to Oregon and Washington for 4 years with my husband to go to vet school.

I never heard those words uttered in a prayer there.  Oregon was a glorious place for this plant lover and gardener - SO MANY PLANT OPTIONS and no sprinkler systems!  So much rainfall!  After vet school we moved to Southwestern Colorado, the 4 Corners area.  Once again I heard prayers for moisture at church.  We only lived there one year and then moved back to Utah, a northern Utah valley this time.  We have been here ever since and of course hear prayers again thanking God for the moisture and asking to be blessed with more.

We are supposed to be getting a good storm tonight.  I sure hope so. As much as the snow makes driving a mess and  I worry about Matt driving to work, we need it.

This is out my kitchen window today, looking south.  It is crazy that we can see grass in January here.  The snowfall has been nearly nothing this year. 

This is looking out the same window in February of 2008.  You can barely see the fence!  Of course this was an exceptional winter of snow, but more like what we are used to.  The reservoirs were full that summer and the farmers and cattlemen were happy.  We were all happy.  No yard watering restrictions, no campfire restrictions in the mountains, and no guilty feeling for letting the kids jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler on in the middle of a hot July day.  We are used to about 8 or 10 inches of snow on the ground all winter long.  Hopefully this storm will deliver.  Hopefully after Matt gets home of course! (But I will take it either way!)

This was also in February of 2008.  It is Kendal on our front porch walk and steps.  We had a bit of a tunnel shoveled to get to our house!  I think this is the year Derek and Kelsey made an underground snow fort in the front yard.  It was awesome!  Actually, I am pretty sure this is the winter Derek used our driveway as a snowmobile jump.  He would plow our driveway for us and make the perfect jump platform for his snowmobile.  He could catch some air!  I may have to search for those pictures!  Anyway, say a little prayer that the Utah farmers will be proud of!

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