Monday, January 07, 2013


I wore glasses in 4th and 5th grade.  They had a sweet gold heart sticker in the bottom corner of one lens.  After that, I was good.  Until cell biology in college.  Dr. Papenfuss took that cell bio lab pretty serious and we all spent at least 10 or 12 hours a week looking through a microscope.  It taxed my poor little eyes.  I had to get glasses again and wore them throughout college.  When I graduated I stopped wearing them and life has been good.  Until a few months ago.

I kept getting headaches.  That is strange for me.  I normally get one headache a year.  Kendal brought home a paper from the school nurse saying she failed her vision screening at school.  I made an appointment for both of us a few days after Christmas.  Here is the result.

My sweet Kendal can't see very well.  I feel badly about that.  For 7 and a half years, she has not seen very much with her right eye.  It is 20/200.  Her left eye is perfect - 20/20.  Her right eye has not developed like it should have.  It is smaller, but we can't see that.  We just see a pretty blue eyeball.

Very soon Kendal's good eye will be patched over to make that bad eye grow and develop.  The doctor said we have a limited amount of time to do this since she is nearing 8 years old.  He hopes to get that 20/200 eye to around 20/30 or 20/40.  I sure hope so.

My headaches are gone.  I think glasses are completely annoying, but going to bed with a headache and waking up with a headache, and enduring a headache all day is much more annoying.  YIPPEE for modern medical knowledge!


Gail said...

Tell Kendal that I wore a patch for 2 years, and glasses for most of my life. She and I can play pirates with our eye patches. It will be tough at times but if she wears her patch her eye will grow...and before too long she'll be the prettiest girl in school!

Kerin said...

My goodness.. lucky thing that you were able to find a solution to your headaches, and also get your daughter glasses.

Our eldest son was born with amblyopia, and spent a great deal of time with a patch on his good eye.
He started wearing glasses at the age of 1 and 21 years later, he's still wearing them.

It's nice that we can get corrective glasses.... what a blessing :)

Anonymous said...

Ya both look AWESOME!!


Rachel said...

Thanks ladies!


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