Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Friendship block quilt from 2008

For the Friendship Block Exchange at my local quilt guild in 2008, I chose the Dutchman's Puzzle quilt block pattern.  I handed out coordinating fabric with my pattern to 5 friends in the guild.  They all made me a block, and then I made a few more, the center and put this quilt top center.  I love friendship block exchanges.  I was reading who made these for me.
Nita Graham who recently had a nasty battle with breast cancer and has come out as the winner and is a wonderful lady made one block.  Jen Rowser, one of the few people who really understands me and is a dear dear friend that I love made one block.  Connie Steadman who moved to Arizona a few years ago and is the sweetest grandmother to her family made one.  Natalia Bonner who is now a nationally known long arm machine quilter, pattern designer, and has even published a few quilting books made one.  Liz Palmier who recently lost a son and is a strong and amazing woman made one block for me.  I attended her father's funeral a few days ago.  Her father was a WWII veteran where he was a turret gunner in a B17 and her mother is the sweetest woman on the planet.  Liz in turn, is wonderful as well.
 I think of all these ladies when I look at this quilt.  I am such a sentimental person and I love remembering so I love this quilt, even though the fabric is a bit outdated.

So I dug it out over the weekend and decided it needed to be finished.  I just put on the last border this morning.  This isn't a great picture because I couldn't get the whole thing in the camera view, but there it is.  I showed it to Matt and Kelsey last night.  Now off to be quilted.
I asked Kelsey if she wanted it on her bed since it would fit a twin nicely (it is 72" by 86") and she quickly said "No."  I then said maybe I would put it on Kendal's bed then since she didn't want it.  She quickly said "No way!  Not on Kendal's bed!  She will ruin it.  It will not last very long on her bed.  A bloody nose, or something horrible will happen to it.  But I don't want it on MY bed, the colors are JUST NOT ME."
She cracks me up.  I agree, the colors are not her at all, but she doesn't want Kendal to use it either.  There are things like that in all our lives aren't there?  Something is good and desirable, but we don't necessarily want it, but we don't want anyone else to enjoy it either.  Silly human nature.  Let's get over that little phenomenon.

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