Thursday, January 03, 2013

Christmas cards

 The best part about December is getting the mail - I love getting Christmas cards!  They make me happy the rest of the day.  I love to hear greetings from old friends and see pictures of some of the amazing people I have met in my life.  
When the cards do begin to come, I tape them onto the door of this handy closet right next to the fridge.  The kids come home from school and see what new cards came that day.  They love it.  When Matt gets home from work, he checks out the door to see who thought of us and sent us a card.
It does look pretty tacky to most folks, but it makes us smile. 

When the new year comes around, I take the cards off of the door and put the ones with pictures onto my fridge.  They stay there all year, all the time.  Again, it looks tacky to most people, but I love to see family and friends every day.  It helps me remember those fun and crazy college days, the good times with roommates, the silly memories with cousins and siblings, the fond memories of living in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado and the fantastic people we met there, and the new friends that are like family here in Heber City.  I like to be reminded of the great people God has sent to be in my life and the impact they have on me.
So today, I pulled the cards off the door, and replaced the photos on the fridge.  I even added a few families that were not there last year.  This picture was taken before the ritual was done today, but it still looks just as chaotic, and happy!
Farm not included!  


Kay Ehrmantrout said...

My parents do the same thing only different. They tape Christmas Cards to the inside of the front door every year and family photos go on the Fridge. But they do not change them out because they still have the same pictures up from the 90s, you know, when my Dad still had dark hair and Mom had a perm and thick rim glasses. I love it. I should take a picture of our magnet Fridge. That is what we do, display our impressive collection of magnets.

Kerin said...

I can see why looking at all those smiling faces would warm your heart, each day.

Have a great night!

p.s We've been so cold here!
Keeping the wood stove cranked up and going, I guess it's pretty cold there too.
Stay warm :)


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