Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Sarah Thornton Coleman dress complete, I think

 So here is the Sarah Thornton Coleman dress I finished.  I just put the sash on today and had Kelsey snap a few pictures.  I made a sash using the same fabric as the dress, but it just didn't have the pop I wanted.  It blended in to much.  Now looking at this sash, which honestly matches one of those little stripes on the dress, it makes me think it is TOO much.
I did handstitch the sash to the dress.  I am not sure if I was supposed to, but otherwise it kept sliding down a bit.  Does that mean my dress doesn't fit properly?  
If someone knows, please let me know.  Tell me what you think about the color of the sash as well.

The only thing that keeps this dress together, is in the back as a top drawstring around the neckline, and another drawstring under the bust, which is covered up by the sash.
That is it.  It kind of makes me nervous!  Well, I guess the sash helps as well. 
I am wearing my civil war era corset under this dress and I must say it pretty much kills the softer shape of the early 1800s that I am supposed to be representing.  
That only means one thing - I need to make some Regency Era short stays.  YIPPEEE!!
I really like the dress and its silhouette in my modern unders better than the 1860 unders.  So here's to another sewing project!

 When I attend a Jane Austen picnic in the summer, I will get some better photos.  
I must say though, that making this dress with my great great great great grandmother in mind, Sarah Thornton Coleman, has been wonderful.  
I think this might turn into a fun project - picking an ancestor and making clothing she would have worn.  Sounds like family history to me.
Now, for sewing, I have a civil war quilt to bind.  I just got the binding sewn on today, now I need to turn it and hand stitch it down.  I got the LONG and good Pride and Prejudice movie with Colin Firth from the library yesterday.  That is how I like to bind a quilt - with a good movie.  Then I really better finish that Christmas present for my patient and sweet mother!
Oh, and see my dear sweet Kenna with red eyes?  Yes, she was a bit forsaken during our short little photo shoot today!


Anonymous said...

The dress is darling. I think the sash gives it a dash of color. It's really beautiful, as are you.


Miss Abigail said...

RACH...YOU ARE SUCH A TALENTED SEAMSTRESS! I love the dress. I would suggest a soft green velvet sash...or a caramel embroidered ribbon.

Kerin said...

So pretty.
What a nice job you did on the dress!!

What a sweet baby too... with red eyes and all :)

Heather said...

I think your dress is lovely!! I tend to agree with you about the sash though, it kind of detracts from the look. I think a dusty pink sash would be lovely. Still light, but with a pop of color. I also think that color would be gorgeous with your complexion.

I love your idea of making clothes your ancestors would have worn!! What a great way to bring Family History to life!!

Miss Melis said...

Beautifully done! The dress is very flattering and the workmanship {on screen:)} looks amazing... look at how your stripes match up on your under-sleeve. Serious skills RACHEL CHAPPELL CRANE!!!
Love yer stinkin' guts!

Rachel said...

Thanks ladies. I thought of the carmel color, as well as a gray. I I tried out the gray - not so good. I might try the carmel, and Heather, there is a tiny little pink stripe in the fabric. I am SO NOT a pink kind of girl, but it may work as well! Oh the choices! lol
Melisa, thanks so much. Working with directional fabric is a chore! I did mess up on the bodice lining, but luckily that is hidden!!

Leslie Stephens said...

Rachel - I saw that you had visited my blog - through a total fluke - so now I needed to visit your blog. I'm blown away!! You are also a descendant of Sarah Thornton Coleman and you love quilting and history too!! Amazing! My blog is and it's just about family history. Glad to know you, cousin!!


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