Monday, March 10, 2014

Getting my Irish on!

A few years ago my dad called and asked if we were having corned beef and cabbage for dinner. I told him no way, I am not Irish. He then told me oh yes I was. My retort was that Mary Lamont, who is an ancestor of ours, only gave me 1/32 part Irish. That was not enough to cook a corned beef.
I was only guessing when I said 1/32, but I looked it up and I was right, Mary's father Robert was born in Londonderry County in Northern Ireland in 1726 and he is my great great great grandfather. His dad named John died when he was only nice years old.  He immigrated to New York. His mother was a MacKenzie named Margarit.
So, that was the first year I ever ate corned beef and cabbage, let alone made it. 
It was fantastic!
Friday night my friends Caleb and Amanda played with their band at an Irish Restaurant and Pub in Park City.  I went and listened to them for a few hours and again enjoyed some delicious corned beef and cabbage.  It was so so so good! (The music and the food!) 

The new format for is incredible.  Just this morning I found this picture of another Irish ancestor, Henry Chesnut. He is my mom's great grandpa. 
He was born in 1830 in Kilkeel, Ireland.  His mother was Ellen McDonald.  Henry, his siblings, and his parents immigrated to Utah.  He married a Scotish lass named Grace Knox.

So this St Patrick's Day I am sure we will be having corned beef and cabbage again, because for pity sakes, I am a whopping 3/32 Irish!
My 1/16 dash of Irish from the Chesnuts and 1/32 pinch of Irish from the Lamonts is enough for me to celebrate.  I know that isn't much for the pure Irish folks, but its enough for me to enjoy the holiday and for the girls and I to march in the St Patrick's Day Parade in Salt Lake City again this year with our 1860s friends.   


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